Monday, November 11, 2013

What is a wedding? Who is it for? Everyone always makes it out to be a day for the bride and groom, but lately it seems they are for everyone else. This parent wants that, that parents want this. Wedding traditions, culture, blended. "We do it this way" "That is our tradition" Does it really matter? Two completely different people, mixing into a life-long partnership. They become their own little family and will have create their own traditions... Wedding is just to show the world and to celebrate their commitment in finding and choosing to be partners for life isn't it? I love weddings, every sing I was little I used to love to see the white dress, the flowers and of course the romance. Never did I realize all the trials the couple had gone through and will face ahead. Can't believe I used to think babies were made when a husband and wife slept in the same bed long enough it would just happen.

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