Monday, October 21, 2013


Babies are everywhere! I never realised how much parents do for their children. What do parents get in return? -Worry and waiting -Pain -Yelling -Tears -A few pleases and thanks along the way -A few laughs -Many hours of laundry and ironing -Hours of cleaning and cooking -Designated driver for at least 16 years -Very little sleep at times -Many hugs at the beginning and at the end -Less alone time -Less holidays Hopefully there comes a time when the parents don't have to worry about: -driving their child around -child's laundry -how late the child is staying out -if they brought a jacket -if they have called to say hi, even for 20 seconds! I wonder if it ever stops. Thank you parents out there, the on-going love and support never fails even at our worst times! Thank you mum and dad, after 20 some years I am only beginning to realize all the time, effort and emotion you have invested to bring this one up. Thanks for the advice, guidance and for yelling at me. I am always learning...

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