Monday, November 11, 2013

Darren R.I.P

A friend I knew from middle school passed away a few days ago. Going to the same school with Darren in a small class of 40-50, how did I not know him better? Random conversations, attended the year 9 banquet with him, he made me CD's and got me a necklace from a trip to Egypt with his family. I was really mean to him before as well. As the years went by and we went out separate ways, a few times we just missed each other on Uni trips and visits. He was always kind hearted and smiley. Darren passed away in a fatal car crash and his friend is in critical care, as our class is spread all around the world now only a few were able to attend. I wish I could have gone to pay my respects... Darren was the second youngest in our class with me being the last, our names are even similar but he was a much better person than me. Though in public he was on the quieter side, he could talk to anyone about anything once you said hello. I had yet to reply to his message but here is my reply now: Hi Darren, the movie was good I hope you got to see it. I have just seen the facebook messages and updates and I can't believe you are gone. I remember your smiley face and the cds you burnt me...I still listen to them. The banquet too gosh, I was so mean. I still have the necklace. Thank you for always being kind and lending a helping hand throughout the years we went to school. It was always nice to hear and catchup over our facebook messages. I am sorry you were in pain in the crash, I know you are being well taken care of now. Your talent, smile and kindness will be missed but not forgotten. Hug! F

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  1. I am so sorry little sis :( life is so short but Darren lived a good one. hugs