Saturday, August 17, 2013

Working with Difference

Educating Rita-I had never heard of this movie but when I saw that Michael Cain was in it drew my attention and then out of nowhere, Mrs Weasley pops in with pink hair! It actually took me awhile to understand her accent too. This movie shows how education can benefit someone, but knowing more doesn't always lead to greener pastures. Rita came from a low culture environment (compared to the "educated and elite") where she had a trade (hairdressing) and her husband basically wanted her to pop out children and she was considered abnormal for aspiring to more. The interactions between the characters also showed growth, trust and they learn from each other. It wasn't completely just about books and exams, but it included teaching each other about social class, expectations, and purpose. Rita saw education as a way to a different life, one that she thought was all glitz and glamour. Little did she know that the educated and higher class have just as many problems as everyone else (and if not more in some ways...too much of a good thing?). This movie led me to think of the following: The impact of this movie on education: Class and social status: Coming from a working class, Rita was not expected to do much with her life and certainly not attend Open University. She broke social norm and was rejected by her husband and others at a point becoming half-cast from both worlds. Each class has certain expectations and if you don't abide by the rules you are OUT! Perhaps at that time open university for "old, uneducated people" was newer? Accent: Rita's accent set her apart from everyone else as she did not have a posh educated england accent like the other students. She is judged by the way she talks at first and people expect her to be uneducated and surprised by her knowledge. Physical: How you look. Do you conform? Does dressing the part make you? From day 1, Rita dressed differently and she stood out from the crowd. The costume department gradually changed her dress style throughout the movie as it developed with her education. The above are just a few thoughts about the movie, I am glad I watched it.

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