Sunday, August 18, 2013

To sir with Love

I really enjoyed the movie To sir with love because it explored many differences. Throughout the movie he provided opportunities, inspired and taught believe in self-truth and purpose. The interactions between characters in the movie allowed for development and questioning to take place where everyone learns from each other in each scene. The following are a few key differences I took away from the movie: Social Status: The students were mostly rejects but because Thackarey has worked hard to obtain his education, he ended up giving it all to prepare his students for the future. He taught with love and much patience (though they really did test him and even punched him). He recognized and empathize with their social and economic status and used unconventional methods of teaching to build a bridge and create opportunities for his students where others had given up. Cultural Differences: There was only one black student in the film and most came from an anglo background (thought I saw another mixed student). Culture differences were shown strongly in the sense that that it was seen as forbidden to bring the wreath to a black students house. Thought this did make me question why the parents were quite accepting of having their children being taught by Thackeray. Gender Differences: On a high level, gender difference can be seen when Thackeray instructs the females to be called miss and the males by their last names. The way the female students were treated during the first dance scene and in the schoolyard also show dominance and masculinity. I enjoyed the movie, never would have watched it if not for this class as i'd never heard of it before. Thackeray encouraged the kids to stand up for what they believed and to think for themselves, that is what I believe education one options and information (which to me is a form of power). I did think the movie could be more realistic but overall I am glad I watched it.

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