Wednesday, August 28, 2013

copy and paste. delete. write.

Walking to school skirts up high Secretly changing once mother drives away Bag down low Pants too Talking loudly. Bags sprawled On the floor In front the doors Jumping through carriages Hair in your face and face caked Thinking this is it. Best time of your life. Making out Drinking passion pop Passing out. As good as it could ever get Dont dwell School life teaches you only half reality. It does matter a bit but When Reality hits You will see there is so much more. Some will be highly educated Some not so Do what you like No matter the trade Status update 10 year reunion Who is truly happy Is it education Clothing Cars Bags Or family and people Who has knowledge Who has skill What have you really learnt Is it theory Or books Dont dream of adventure Go Jump off roofs Learn to knit Go and fly Wine and dine Have a plan Or not Honestly, it will be all right As you grow You will change Constant learning Just be kind and smile. Taught someone to copy and paste. made them smile.

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