Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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After attending a multimedia session this past weekend, I have finally decided on what to journal about.

My workplace often conducts week long training for Operation Fundamentals however as as new tellers and start dates vary, many tellers spend 2-3 months learning on the job then attending the workshop. After the Operation Fundamentals workshop was reviewed, Learning & Development decided to shorten the course to a 2 day one instead.

Though I have not seen the new workshop, most likely there are components that have been scaled back and possibly be rolled out via multimedia. If I had the opportunity to be on the Instructional Design team I would consider having short tutorial sessions available and instructional videos that can be accessed through the intranet. After reading "Changing the Face of Instruction: Is Online or In-class More Effective" by Nichols, Shaffer and Shockey, I am not sure what to think of online pre and post assessments as the study showed they were not as well received by the participants.

I have tried making a podcast but do not think this will be effective learning for customer facing staff completing training in retail branches (Boulos 2006). I made it in garage band and when I saved it I found out that I could publish it as a podcast or send it straight to my itunes library which is very useful.

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Nichols, James, Shaffer, Barbara, & Shockey, Karen. (2003). Changing the Face of Instruction: Is Online or In-class More Effective? College & Research Libraries, 64(5), 378-388. 

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