Friday, September 12, 2014


On-going change is healthy for the body and soul...but how much, how radical and what can be changed? In the past few months many things have evolved in my life with some being rather dramatic whilst others have taken a slower pace. Physical change: I have re-joined the gym and in the past two weeks, I have already experienced gradual strength building in my muscles. I have gone from 3.5 push ups to 15! The muffin top I have been complaining about is also disappearing slowly. I have struggled with a few issues such as weight, feeling too short, eczema and asthma but finally doing something about it...I have more energy, am happier and don't feel like such a couch potato. Learning outcome: work hard and appreciate the body I have been blessed with. Listen to my body and the warning signs it provides. Mentally: I have finally been awarded an MBA specialising in Human Resources Management after 1.75 years! It's not so much the degree, it is that I have tried and given up so many times so easily on several things and have finally completed something. I quit university more times than I can remember and have never been very "academic" and learn much better on-the-job. I am glad to announce I am on the final semester of a Bachelor of Adult Learning & Development. Learning outcome: Find something that is challenging and of interest. Commit to it and be good at it. It is possible to do things if you put your mind to it and commit time and energy. I am halfway through my 24th year and this seems to be my midlife crisis. As of this point, I have no job, no Bachelor degree and have recently ended the most perfectly great relationship with my best friend of 5.5 years. After some reflection, many of my decisions have been made in haste and precious time has been wasted. People that matter have been neglected, study time wasted, money squandered. What have I learnt? Be good to those you care about, be kind, generous and supportive. Listen with empathy and view situations through more than one lens. Change is good but be aware of the consequences and make sure the change will make a better you. one is a mind reader.

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