Saturday, June 7, 2014


I took my first accounting class back in 2007 and I scraped a pass. Today, after returning to finally finish Uni Jan 2012, I actually read a chapter of the book and realized it isn't so bad after all. A=L+E I cannot believe after graduating from high school so long ago I would be on my final semester of school. I actually semi enjoy it and have learnt more in the past 2 years in formal institutes from classmates and conversations than I have from the text books. Many things have happened since I last wrote and I hope to continue and be more dedicated to this blog no matter how many people read it. These past 2 years have been very busy juggling full time work (Financial Planning and Banking) and full time study X 2 (Bachelor of Adult Learning & Development and MBA-HRM). I am sad to say I have resigned from my full time job in pursuit of more flexibility and to focus on this final stretch. Many good things have happened though and one thing I look forward to is my trip to the States to see family and celebrate a few marriages along the way. Slowly learning to be satisfied and appreciative of all the luck and love I have in my life.

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